2 Days ONLINE match-making, curated by yourself

Young high-tech enterprises

Connect directly with decision makers in established companies.

Get first-hand insights on the industry ecosystem and how to enter the German market. 

Get to know the major players in the German market in a structured 1-day event. 


Connect directly with the most innovative Startups relevant to your core business. 

Meet potential new partners and customers for innovative product and process solutions. 

Get access to the news and insights of the European ecosystem. 

What to expect

  • Two days full of added value
  • Create YOUR agenda, schedule meetings and meet other attendees in person, but virtual
  • Introduction of the German Industry 4.0 ecosystem
  • High-level keynote
  • Focussed networking and match-making via networking platform
  • Pitches of young high-tech enterprises (focused on their solution and partnering not for funding)
  • Meet the real movers and shakers

designed to make deals

  • Only relevant industry attendees: high-level executives from German SMEs, corporates and investors; no service-provider
  • Sharp technology focus: MACHINERY- & PLANT ENGINEERING
  • Hardcore match-making: 1week prior to the event, full access to the partnering platform containing profiles of all participants and the tool to pre-schedule online meetings
  • See the pitches of the young high-tech enterprises on-demand

Each registered participant will receive access to our networking app 7 days prior to the event.

Create Your Agenda

schedule meetings when it suits you and block time slots where you are not available. The platform is open for matchmaking January 21st/22nd, and a further week to download notes or review meetings.

Virtual Meetings

Meet the relevant participants in the virtual meeting rooms. Share your screen and talk face to face.

View Pitches live and on-demand

You will also find the pitches on the Company Profiles of the young cleantech companies, which you can view until January 29th, 12:00 noon, whenever you like.

All-in-0ne platform

You don't need additional software. Livestream, meetings, and presentations on-demand are included in our platform. You receive your personal invite after registration (starts Nov. 17th)

Young high-tech enterprises + German Mittelstand out of 5 sectors

Automation & Production


Infrastructure & Logistics

Supply Chain / ERP

Maintenance & Services

selection of industry attendance

Registration process for young high-tech enterprises

Buy a Ticket

(please take care of the company description and product introduction fields in the registration form)

Please convince us of your product / service in the short description (registration process).

From the moment you paid your ticket, you’re in and have full access to the event and receive your unique networking-app account one week before the event.

Deliver your content

After your registration, we will contact you with further information and a cheat-sheet to provide us your Pitch as video. We will provide the pitches as video-on-demand.

Networking app

You receive your personal invite code 7 days before the event. After completing your personal profile you can schedule meetings with all other attendees, block timeslots, where you are not available, create you aren’t, write messages, and many more.

After the event is before the event

The networking app stays live for another week. Use it and get in touch with your new potential customers.

If you missed out a contact at the Event, please contact us.

Register until 11 Dec. 2020 and take full advantage.


Jan 21st 2021

10:00am Short Welcome Note

Jörg Schüler | Member of the board | HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V.

11:10am - 05:00pm PARTNERING & PITCHES

  • Pitches on centerstage
  • Scheduled meetings start
  • Pitch-videos of young high-tech enterprises now available without password

Jan 22nd 2021

10:00am – 05:00pm scheduled online meetings

Tickets for Unhide The Champions X Machinery- & Plant Enineering

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More participants thanks to online event management solutions from XING Events.

What young high-tech enterprises get.

  • Chance to pitch your product/solution to the German Mittelstand (fill out the descriptions of your company and your application conscientiously during the purchase process)
  • Full access to valuable business contacts and other opportunities.
  • Participation in our Match-Making App.
  • Fun & great conversations.

What the Mittelstand & Corporates get.

  • Insights and Inspiration from young disruptors from all over Europe.
  • Full access to relevant business contacts and other opportunities.
  • Participation in our Match-Making App.
  • Fun & great conversations.

Clusters | Networks | Advisers | Consultants

  • Full access to valuable business contacts and other opportunities.
  • Participation in our Match-Making App.
  • Fun & great conversations.

Do I need a XING-Account?

NO, you don’t need a Xing-Account to register.

25% Network Member discount

HTSB Network members receive a discount of 25%. You dont’t have received the promocode? Drop us a line.


Please check first whether you want to send a representative. If this is not possible, please click on “Request cancellation” in your confirmation email. We will then inform you and after a short inquiry, we will cancel your ticket. Please note that if canceled up to 2 weeks before the event, 15% cancellation fee will apply. So you get only 85% of the purchase price refunded.

A refund within the last two weeks before the event is not possible.

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