A business partnering platform to initiate cooperation between European high-tech Startups and SMEs.

Our Mission

Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the goal of this 2-year program is to establish new business relationships between high-tech startups from all over Europe and German SMEs. As part of the program, we will purposefully link and introduce startups from all over Europe to German SMEs to facilitate access to innovation and the market entry in Germany.

What we do


Industry-specific partnering events in German technology hotspots.

Portal/ Database

A database mapping the relevant players in the European high-tech space.

Network Manager

We help you to identify valuable partners and assist to get in touch with them.

Powerhouse Eastern Germany - Meltingpot for high-tech and innovation.


Creative and Media Industry 


Software, Energy & Environmental Technologies 

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Transport & Logistics


Micro- & Nanotechnologies, Machinery & Plant Engineering 

Saxony Anhalt

Chemistry, New Materials & Life Sciences 


Optics & Photonics


Home of cutting-edge technologies, over 50 so called hidden champions, excellent research, and 108.000 km² full of talent.

Industry Cluster

Eastern Germany is home to an impressive number of regional and national networks and clusters. Use our platform and get in touch with all the relevant players you have to know.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

After the reunification, the swift expansion and rebuilding of transportation routes became the main priority of infrastructure policy in Eastern Germany. More than EUR 67 billion were invested in completing a large number of highways, the rail system, and telecommunication networks. An efficient logistics and communication network has since developed in the new federal states, ensuring quick access to suppliers, service providers, and many state-of-the-art industry parks. 

Qualified and Motivated Workforce

A highly qualified workforce is key to economic competitiveness and success, as well as to prosperity of a given region. The new federal states in Eastern Germany have a highly motivated, qualified and reliable workforce – with many workers qualified to carry out more than one job. As such, they belong to one of the most flexible and best trained workforces worldwide.

Eighty-seven percent of the available workforce in the new federal states have completed formal vocational training. Specific industry requirements are met by vocational colleges that work closely with respective companies in the relevant business segments. Each year, around 80 thousand students successfully complete their studies in Eastern Germany.

Excellent Research and Development

A multitude of excellent universities, research and development centers, and business partnerships have significantly increased the attractiveness of the new federal states for international investors. A broad range of industry clusters – covering everything from renewable energies, optics, biotechnology, chemicals and electronics to nanotechnology, aerospace, and automobile assembly – provide promising opportunities. 


  • 5.000+ highly innovative companies 

  • 50 global market leaders 

  • excellent research – outstanding talents 

1st Stop

Bitterfeld Wolfen “Chemistry & New Materials”

In Bitterfeld-Wolfen international startups meet the movers & shakers in the chemistry sector
Optics & photonics is the next stop of our journey in Jena
Potsdam is our hub for software
Welcoms to Saxony Anhalt – one of the main regions of life sciences
Next station Rostock – Home of transport & logistics
Next stop Cottbus. Let’s talk about energy- and environmental technologies.
Chemnitz is the place to be, if you are active in Machinery and plant engineering
Dresden, Capital City of Saxony and the European melting pot for micro- and nanoelectronics as well as ICT

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