The Event took place as VIRTUAL MEETING

Young high-tech enterprises

Connect directly with decision makers in established companies.

Get first-hand insights on the industry ecosystem and how to enter the German market. 

Get to know the major players in the German market in a structured 1-day event. 


Connect directly with the most innovative Startups relevant to your core business. 

Meet potential new partners and customers for innovative product and process solutions. 

Get access to the news and insights of the European ecosystem. 

46 Young high-tech enterprises + German Mittelstand out of 5 sectors

medical devices

digital health

materials / drugs

infrastructure / equipment



What’s happend

  • One day full of added value
  • Introduction of German healthcare ecosystem
  • High-level keynotes
  • Focussed networking and match-making (incl. networking app)
  • Pitches of young high-tech enterprises (focused on their solution and partnering)
  • Meet the real movers and shakers

What changes? The format

  • It is going to be a 2day event (25th/26th June)
  • We need your pitch not live on stage, but as a video (we prepare guidance, what format, etc. we would recommend)
  • The partnering will take place in digital meeting rooms; not onsite
  • Homemade coffee 😉

What stays? The focus

  • Only relevant industry attendee: high-level executives from German SMEs, corporates and investors; no service-provider
  • Sharp technology focus: only players relevant for the Healthcare market
  • Hardcore match-making: 1week prior to the event, full access to the partnering platform containing profiles of all participants and the tool to pre-schedule online meetings

Unhide The Champions X Healthcare industry attendees - your next clients & vendors

Create Your Agenda

schedule meetings when it suits you and block time slots where you are not available. The platform is open until 27.06.

Virtual Meetings

Meet the relevant participants in the virtual meeting rooms. Share your screen and talk face to face.

View Pitches live and on-demand

You will also find the pitches on the Company Profiles of the young healthcare companies, which you can view until 27.06 12:00 noon, whenever you like.

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